Karen Atherley


I am a ceramicist based in the UK, having created my own personal style with a career spanning nearly 40 years, my work portrays curvy figures influenced by Greek antiquity and the colours of the impressionists.

Known for my figurative nudes and unique use of colour, I make contemporary functional ceramics, designed and handcrafted to bring bright and modern wares to your everyday life.

I have been working with clay since specialising in ceramics at Camberwell College of Art and Crafts. I was captured by the immediate responsiveness of clay and its fleshy quality as it pushed back on my hands. There I was exposed to and mentored by prominent potters such as Colin Pearson and Janice Tchalenko.

In 1983 I established a studio in South London at Sumner Road Workshops with Philip Vian which soon grew to be a collective of makers. Now based in Lincolnshire I work independently from my home studio and work closely with galleries across the UK.